'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Writers Tease Future Movie Appearances by That Big Cameo Character

Fans know exactly where Han Solo's journey will lead after the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story, [...]

Fans know exactly where Han Solo's journey will lead after the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story, though with years to go before we meet him in Star Wars: A New Hope, the pilot might have more movies ahead of him. The film's writers, Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan, incorporated a surprising character that could help confirm what his follow-up adventures can explore.

***WARNING: Major spoilers below for Solo: A Star Wars Story***

In the film's final scenes, we learn that Qi'ra has secretly been working for Maul, the former Sith who "died" in The Phantom Menace. This isn't the first confirmation of the character's survival, as both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels saw the character form a crime syndicate, yet audiences unfamiliar with those animated series knew the character's complicated journey.

"I loved that they took him and went an interesting place with him in Rebels, and in Clone Wars, and just sort of to expand on the myth of that character, and the idea that he survived," Jonathan Kasdan explained to ComicBook.com. "Rebels set us in a timeframe where we were sort of in the clear, and they were allowed to sort of do what they wanted with the Shadow Collective, with the whole, you know, backstory that they were playing with, and his movement into crime that would leave us in a clear zone, so that, by the time this movie happened, it was gray where he was."

In The Clone Wars, audiences saw Maul utilize mechanical legs to compensate for what Obi-Wan Kenobi took from him. An older Maul in Rebels saw a character consumed with madness who hoped to turn budding Jedi Ezra Bridger to the Dark Side, only to once again be confronted by an older Kenobi.

With Qi'ra revealing herself to be working for Maul, it's safe to assume this character will be used in future films in more prominent roles, at least if the Kasdans have a say in the matter.

"It opened it up for us, and certainly I think there's room to go back and forth with that character and knowmore, because he's a rich, rich opportunity," the writer confirmed.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now.

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