Star Wars: John Boyega Reveals His Biggest Fear About Filming 'The Last Jedi'

Debuting in a saga as beloved as Star Wars can bring along with it a variety of challenges, most [...]

Debuting in a saga as beloved as Star Wars can bring along with it a variety of challenges, most of which The Last Jedi star John Boyega already dealt with while filming The Force Awakens. Now that it's his second time portraying Finn, the actor had to face a whole new set of challenges, with his biggest fear being that the story wouldn't allow the actor to explore where his character fit into the larger story.

"You've got your foundation for the character," Boyega told SciFiNow Magazine about bringing Finn to life. "Now you're moving onto the next project and you're trying to, you know, make more of the character. You can't make more of someone you don't really know. And so for me the fear that I did have going into VIII was that I hope that we get more of a sense of where [Finn] belongs… The story for him in this movie is him making that decision himself as to where he will belong. Where he wants to identify himself. And I think that's very important."

Heading into The Force Awakens, fans didn't know what to expect of Finn, as most of the marketing materials implied that he would be the film's major hero. Instead, the character managed to escape the First Order and accidentally fell into the Resistance after meeting Poe Dameron and Rey.

"Finn is now a known kind of space terrorist," Boyega shared of his character. "They see him as a rogue. So that causes a lot of tension. He can't just go through space the way he used to."

Although the details about Finn's directives in The Last Jedi aren't completely known, we have seen that he will be going undercover to infiltrate the First Order and he also gets to face off against Captain Phasma.

"That's the last time he saw his ex-boss," Boyega says of Finn's encounter with Phasma in The Force Awakens. "And unfortunately he has to go back to work in this film. And they do meet. It's not the best reunion in the world."

We'll get more of Finn when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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