Star Wars: Are Kylo and Rey Related?

It's a question that fans have been asking since The Force Awakens premiered: are Kylo Ren (Adam [...]

It's a question that fans have been asking since The Force Awakens premiered: are Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) related? The question prompted countless fan theories trying to figure out the relationship between the pair and now, with The Last Jedi finally in theaters, it looks like we have our answer.

Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

There have been two burning questions for Star Wars fans heading into The Last Jedi: who is Rey and are she and Kylo twins? The Last Jedi answers those questions, revealing -- if you believe the story given -- that Rey really isn't anyone of significance, history-wise, and that no, she and Kylo aren't related, but the film went a long way making us think they were.

Even in The Force Awakens it was clear that Kylo and Rey had a stronger than normal connection. This lead many fans to wonder if Kylo and Rey were the film's version of Jaina and Jacen Solo from the Star Wars Legends universe. In that universe, which was declared non-canon to the Star Wars franchise in 2014, Jaina and Jacen are the twin children of Han Solo and Leia with Jaina becoming a Jedi and Jacen turning to the Dark Side, eventually becoming Darth Caedus. In The Last Jedi, that connection fleshed out a bit more, with Kylo and Rey able to communicate telepathically across the galaxy just as Luke was able to communicate with Leia at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. But despite the unusual mental connection between the two, it turns out that the two aren't related, at least if Kylo is to be believed.

After the connection between them leads Rey to believe that Kylo can be returned to the Light Side, she goes to him on Snoke's (Andy Serkis) ship. After Kylo kills Snoke and the pair team up to defeat the Supreme Leader's guards, Kylo then attempts to draw Rey to his side by telling her what he saw in their vision. Kylo tells Rey that her parents were nothing, just a pair of addicts on Jakku who sold her for drinking money, thus making her nothing and having "no place in this story."

The revelation of Rey's origin changes Star Wars forever from that point, opening up the story to being about more than the Skywalker legacy, but it's also a huge shock considering that even The Last Jedi up until that moment had been teasing a larger connection between the two. When Luke (Mark Hamill) catches Rey communicating with Kylo telepathically, even he is disturbed with his reaction being one more of horror that the two have discovered who they truly are instead of simple fear at her potentially being too close to the enemy.

Instead, the connection was manufactured by Snoke and Rey is nothing special, leaving the door open for a far different relationship between Rey and Kylo to develop moving into Episode IX, though anything is possible in the Star Wars universe. Luke and Leia didn't know they were twins until the final film of the original trilogy and even The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson admits that while he accepts Rey's origin, he doesn't know what's in the cards for the next film, which will be directed by JJ Abrams.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now.