Star Wars: Mark Hamill Enjoyed This 'The Last Jedi' Deleted Scene Showing Luke's "Mean Streak"

To say that Luke Skywalker had an attitude adjustment between the events of Return of the Jedi and [...]

To say that Luke Skywalker had an attitude adjustment between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Last Jedi would be an understatement, as the character turned his back on his heroic nature and opted for isolation. The most recent Star Wars film has landed on Blu-ray along with nearly 20 minutes of deleted scenes, with one in particular that star Mark Hamill was disappointed in not making the final cut as it demonstrated his character's darker sense of humor that he developed over the years.

In the scene, Rey spots a fire raging in the Caretaker village on Ahch-To, with Luke claiming that it was a group of marauders who would regularly storm the island and kill the creatures. Rey rushes to the rescue, only to discover it was all an elaborate ruse on Luke's part and the Caretakers are having a party.

"I think [writer/director] Rian [Johnson] has lots of thought-provoking ideas in the film," Hamill shared with IGN. "It seems callous for (Luke) to just ignore it and not -- the old Luke would be just like Rey. He'd be lightsaber-blazing. I liked it because it shows his kind of mean streak sense of humor, when she comes back and says, 'Why did you just let me go off like that without telling me?' And I laugh. 'You ran so fast!' Because, again, it shows another side of him. Because he's pretty serious and dour so it shows that even though he has a mean streak he still has a sense of humor."

During Rey's time on Ahch-To, Luke promises to teach her three lessons about being a Jedi. The theatrical cut never directly referenced a third lesson, with many theories emerging that this scene was meant to be an example for Rey, teaching her that the Resistance needs people like her who are willing to rush into battle as opposed to those who have left conflicts behind, like Luke.

"Well, it's interesting because that's one of the lessons," Hamill noted. "I think they mentioned there were three lessons and people were keeping count. 'Wait a minute! We're missing a lesson.'"

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, however, Johnson teased that he didn't include a definitive third lesson as a possible tease for Episode IX.

"Not problem, but possibility," Johnson confirmed when asked if the lesson's omission caused a continuity error. "There are no problems, there's only potential."

Fans can see Luke's darker sense of humor in The Last Jedi's deleted scenes, out now on Digital HD and Blu-ray.

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