The First Order Invades in New 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Photo

The march to the release of the new Star Wars movie moves on, with more information and images [...]

The march to the release of the new Star Wars movie moves on, with more information and images hitting the public as we inch closer and closer.

A new photo for Star Wars: The Last Jedi released by Empire Magazine reveals specialized First Order Stormtroopers invading the planet Crait, where the Resistance has been hiding out ever since their base was discovered on D'Qar.

Check out the image below:

star wars the last jedi empire photo stormtroopers
(Photo: Empire)

The image is reminiscent of the Snowtrooper forces invading the Rebel base on Both in The Empire Strikes Back. The design of the troopers look similar to the Snowtroopers, though the First Order versions take more after the original Ralph McQuarrie designs. The planet's salty surface also appears similar to that of Hoth's ice-covered climate. But instead of fighting in the snow, the Resistance and First Order will be clashing on the mineral-rich planet of Crait.

These Stormtroopers also have a strong resemblance to the First Order Flametroopers from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, especially in their helmet designs. But the key difference is the use of black undersleeves for the Flametroopers, while these Stormtroopers have a stark white appearance. Plus, they also employ the classic skirted look the Snowtroopers also used in The Empire Strikes Back.

It's not clear at what point this scene is taking place, but based on the trailer showing Kylo Ren leading a squadron of Stormtroopers into a cavern on Crait, it's probably from that same moment.

Crait was previously used by the Rebellion in secret, mining the planet in order to fund their war against the Empire. After the Imperial reign collapsed, the New Republic could use traditional methods to fund their government, but with the rise of the First Order it seems like they'll need a place to hide.

The First Order destroyed the New Republic's base, sending the galaxy into a frenzy without a reason governing force to guide them. The Resistance is hoping to squash those fears, but they too are on the ropes with the full might of the First Order pursuing them from D'Qar.

While they might find a brief moment of respite on Crait, it doesn't seem like it will be long before the First Order is once again breathing down their necks.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on December 15.