Star Wars: Lucasfilm Celebrates The Phantom Menace Anniversary With Remastered 35mm Trailer Release

Relive the excitement of the first prequel footage in the remastered trailer.

It's been a big month for Star Wars fans, as not only did we get the annual May the 4th celebration, but this May specifically marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Lucasfilm and Disney have been honoring the debut of the first prequel in countless ways, and in honor of this week seeing the anniversary of the movie's official theatrical debut, a remastered version of the 35mm trailer for The Phantom Menace has been shared on YouTube. Given that Hollywood, and specifically Lucasfilm, have pushed the boundaries for embracing digital filmmaking techniques, getting to revisit the grit and grain of a vintage 35mm trailer is sure to evoke nostalgic memories in fans. You can watch the 4K remaster of the 35mm trailer for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace below.

The first teaser trailer for Phantom Menace was released on November 17, 1998 alongside the opening of Brad Pitt's Meet Joe Black. While fans can currently stream trailers across the Internet the minute they are released, things weren't quite that simple back in the late '90s, with the excitement for the prequel seeing countless fans buying tickets to Meet Joe Black just to see the trailer and leaving before the movie itself started. Some theaters would even show the teaser after the film in hopes of keeping audiences in their seats.

Lucasfilm's LeAndre Thomas pointed out on Twitter that this specific version of the teaser was from so early in the movie's promotional campaign that, rather than including the title of the movie, it was still merely referred to as "Episode I." Interestingly, The Phantom Menace was the only prequel movie shot on 35mm, adding additional significance to this remaster.

Regardless of how much fans of the franchise actually enjoy the movie, the power of its release is undeniable, as it marked a return to the beloved galaxy far, far away 16 years after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. While the prequel might have earned mixed reviews from fans and audiences alike at the time, its reception has shifted into a more positive light in recent years, especially as the young audiences who were the intended demographic of the film have gotten older and been able to more fully relay their nuanced opinions about the experience.

Whether viewers loved or hated the prequel, The Phantom Menace still has a significant pop-culture footprint, with this month's anniversary of the film and fans revisiting the picture resulting in the prequel becoming the most-streamed Star Wars movie on Disney+.

Stay tuned for updates about the Star Wars franchise.

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