The Mandalorian Reveals That Ahsoka Still Has Her Special Connection To The Force

If you thought Dave Filoni was going to let Ahsoka Tano make her live-action debut on The Mandalorian after he handled the character for years through Clone Wars and Rebels without paying tremendous attention to detail, you were sorely mistaken. Filoni directed Friday's new episode of The Mandalorian, Chapter 13: The Jedi, which brought Rosario Dawson into the mix as Ahsoka Tano. In doing so, this was the first time a new actress was playing Ahsoka since Ashley Eckstein's voice brought the character to life for years. Still, Dawson's take on the character under the direction of Filoni has left fans thrilled to have more Ahsoka content and happy to see that many important details, including Ahsoka's special connection to the Force, was taken into account.

Mild spoilers for The Mandalorian Chapter 13 follow!

After our Mando was offered a deal by Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth to kill Ahsoka, he ventured out of Calodan to find Ahsoka. On his was out, he walked through the dead forests and there was an owl-like creature perched on one in the top left corner of the screen. This creature is a convor but more specifically it is Morai. Morai is a special connection to the Force which goes everywhere that Ahsoka goes. You can see Morai in the top left corner of the screenshot below!

(Photo: The Mandalorian / Disney+)

Morai has spiritual ties to the Daughter, a Force wielder from Mortis who represents the light side of the Force. When Ahsoka needed resurrecting, the Daughter transferred her life essence into Morai and accompanies Ahsoka to watchover her life. In the time since this bond forged, Morai and Ahsoka have been on many adventures and missions together, including run ins with Ahsoka's former master Darth Vader.

Dawson took to Twitter with the only reaction to appearing in The Mandalorian as Ahsoka Tano that she is probably allowed to share. Quoting her character, she wrote, "May The Force Be With You," and fans are loving her in response.

With Dawson seemingly taking over the role of Ahsoka from Eckstein, fans are still pouring out their love for the original voice of Ahsoka while simultaneously offering tremendous approval of Dawson's portrayal.


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