The Mandalorian: Mark Hamill Encourages Star Wars Fans to Vote For Luke’s Cameo as the “Must-see Moment” of 2020

The BAFTA Television Awards are taking place in July and many major shows are nominated from The Crown to Small Axe. This year, the BAFTAs are teaming up with Virgin Media for a fun fan contest that could win one lucky fan a big BAFTA night in. "This year, we're bringing the Virgin Media BAFTAs to you. For your chance to win a VIP kit, vote for the TV Must-See Moment that brought you and your faves together in 2020," Virgin Media's website reads. Fans have the choice to vote between major moments from Bridgerton, Britain's Got Talent, EastEnders, Gogglebox, Nigella's Cook, Eat, Repeat, and Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The "must-see" moment from The Mandalorian is Luke Skywalker's big cameo in the finale, so naturally, Mark Hamill wants you to vote.

"This is the ONLY @BAFTA category chosen by the public in the UK. It would be an honor if the fans picked Luke's surprise appearance to pick up Grogu as a Must-See. If you wish to vote go to & thanks for being the best fans in the Galaxy," Hamill tweeted. You can check out his post below:

If you vote in the contest, you have the chance to win the following: "Ultimate TV-dinner meal kit for two, Bottle of Taittinger Champagne, Super-fancy DIY cocktail set, and £13.99 Virgin Media Store voucher." The website adds, "For Virgin Media customers, there are 600 prizes up for grabs if you vote before 3rd May and another 10 available if you vote after that. For everyone else, there are 10 prizes available if you vote before the 3rd May and another 5 after that. So vote early for your best chance of winning!"

As for Luke Skywalker's big Mandalorian moment, the show credited Hamill for the role considering it was his face and voice, but Max Lloyd-Jones stood in as the "Double for Jedi," playing the part on set. Hamill previously posted about keeping the cameo a secret for a year. "The fact that we were able to keep my involvement a secret for over a year with no leaks is nothing less than a miracle. A real triumph for spoiler-haters everywhere! #LooseLipsSinkStarships #STFU," Hamill wrote.

Will you be voting for The Mandalorian as 2020's "must-see moment" from television? Tell us in the comments!

The first two seasons of Star Wars: The Mandalorian are now streaming on Disney+.