The Mandalorian: Dave Filoni Might Be Directing Season 2 Finale

The second season of The Mandalorian has officially wrapped principal photography as things shift to post-production. A new Instagram post from cinematographer Baz Idoine seemingly suggests long-time Lucasfilm filmmaker Dave Filoni ended up directing the season finale. The Instagram image of a director's slate shows both Idoine and Filoni's names are prominently displayed in the picture, though it's entirely unclear if this particular slate was used during the finale.

It wouldn't be the first time Filoni has directed an episode of the show — the filmmaker tallied two directorial credits last season, one in the premiere "Chapter 1: The Mandalorian" and another on the fifth episode, "Chapter 5: The Gunslinger."

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That’s a wrap on season 2!

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Little is known about the show's sophomore outing, though Mandalorian star Giancarlo Espositio previously suggested his character — the Imperial loyalist Moff Gideon — could have a redemption arc on the horizon. “I love it! I love the villains because they could possibly be redeemed as really being good human beings,” Esposito explained at a recent convention appearance. “Moff Gideon is someone who is basically a warden of one of the planets, or one of the galaxies, that are given to Moffs to oversee so that people don’t overrun and take people out. He’s sort of a warden. But Moff Gideon, my Moff, is the top warden. So he could be there to change things for the better."

Esposito added, "Even though he’s not approved by everyone, they will see him having done so. So I love the villain, because there’s room to grow. There’s room for the dark to come to the light, and I love that people love the villains, because villains can be redeemed. There’s something that they really want, and I think Moff Gideon, in the end, wants to see our universe survive.”

Joining Esposito on the show is Pedro Pascal, Gina Caron, and Carl Weathers amongst others. Filoni helped write the initial seasons alongside series creator Jon Favreau.


The first season of The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+ while Season Two hits the service this October.

Cover photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage