John Cusack Wants To Appear On The Walking Dead


It's no surprise the biggest show on cable is drawing some desire from some of the world's biggest movie stars. During a panel at Megacon over the weekend, 2012, Serendipity, and Being John Malkovich star John Cusack admitted that he would love to be on the AMC series.

During the panel, Cusack fielded all sorts of questions from fans. One fan acknowledged his dislike for remaking films but asked which remake he owuld like to be a part of, anyway. "I don't think it's a good idea to do a remake of a movie unless you think can do it different or you can something to it that it didn't have," Cusack started, having one specific film in mind.

"I've been a boxer for a long time," the actor says. "So, I thought, 'Man, I'm 49 so I'd like to do one while I could still do it.' So I thought if I could do Fat City that would be pretty cool because it was sort of done in the technicolor seventies where cinematographers started to make things super bright and it actually looks kind of dated now."

The same fan went on to ask Cusack which TV shows, if any, he would like to be a part of. "I would say, I really like Better Call Saul. I like everything that Vince Gilligan guy is up to," Cusack said. Sticking with AMC shows, Cusack wasn't done. "I'm also like strangely a secret zombie movie fan," the actor admits, before saying, "I could show up on Walking Dead and get killed real quick!"

Isn't that the dream? Show up on The Walking Dead and have Daryl Dixon put and arrow through your face? Anyway... What do you think - is there room for Cusack on The Walking Dead?