Norman Reedus Shares Personal Riding Memories, Teases Upcoming 'Ride' Episodes

ride with norman reedus
(Photo: AMC)

Norman Reedus' motorcycle riding American adventure series is wrapping up its first season. Only two episodes remain and the first of the pair will air tonight, sending Reedus and his buddy Brent Hinds on a personal journey across Louisiana.

Talking to Reedus over the weekend, we were able to preview tonight's episode with The Walking Dead star and hear a bit about things to come before the season ends and what he would like to see should he Ride into a second season.

"The New Orleans episode is gonna be really fun," Reedus says. "It's funny, too. Brent [Hinds] is such a character and he used to jump trains when he was a young kid from Atlanta to New Orleans. To hear about all his hobo days and kind of live vicariously through him was fun. There's a lot of weird New Orleans vibe stuff. There's a very interesting, sort of, Three Stooges moment which ends with both of us on our sides and our bikes in a ditch which is completely stupid and clumsy and funny. It's just a great episode and then the last one with Peter Fonda is super cool. To sit there with a legend like that and watch him reminisce about ex-girlfriends and life there and living on a boat and he's there with one of his best friends who used to work with Hemingway... The stories about Ernest Hemingway and life back then..."

Reedus was a huge motorcycle fan even before he became the world's Daryl Dixon. So much so, he takes credit for Daryl Dixon's bike-riding habits. "I think Daryl is influenced by me," the actor says. "You always bring yourself into a character. You use your own experiences to tell the experiences of that character and I'm lucky enough that they write cool things for me and I'm surrounded by a talented cast and talented group of writers and directors but I will say that the job itself has inspired me."

"I've done quite a few [long motorcycle rides]," Reedus explains. "The last kind long, long ride I did was from Atlanta to Nashville. I just kind of did it on a whim. I decided to do it last minute. I had an airline ticket, I just didn't use it. I threw a suit in a backpack and went looking for Nashville and didn't quite know how to get there, I just knew it was in that direction. Those kind of trips are my favorite - when it's not so planned out and calculated. I'd go and I'd sit under a tree when it was raining and listen to a Pretenders album and I'd get back on the bike when the sun came out and ride as far as I could. It was great. Those kind of trips are always my favorite."

As for what got inspires him to pursue this passion for motorcycles and where it came from, it all started in Reedus' rebellious childhood.

"I had a friend who had a YZ-80, a little tiny dirt bike, and we would all stand around and be like, 'My turn!'" Reedus says. "We would get stitches and get into trouble and be chased by cops and the whole thing. It was just fun and exhilarating and I liked the noise like 'Blap! Blap! Blap!' I like all of it. It was just fun. There was something rebellious at that time about it and as I got older and got into bikes and figured where I was going and what I was going through... It's kind of like a man on his horse, like cowboy-ish and cool."

Ride with Norman Reedus airs Sundays at 10 PM ET on AMC. The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October.