Halle Berry Is Negan's Lucille In Heartbreaking 'Walking Dead' Fan Video

A Walking Dead fan has cut together a video which will touch the heart of Negan fans, crafting a baskstory for the villain and his pre-apocalyptic late wife.

Much of the video, posted to Twitter by @fluorcscent_, consists of Negan explaining his pre-apocalyptic life to Father Gabriel during their Season 8 exchange. The video adds in several scenes from Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan's previous series Extant with co-star Halle Berry. In this case, Berry serves as the late Lucille, Negan's wife.

Check out the video below.

The song used in edited video is "Half Light" by BANNERS.

Impressively, the video manages to create scenes similar to The Walking Dead comics' backstory for Negan. In the comics, the villain is at his wife's side when she dies in the hospital just as the apocalypse begins. Footage from Extant allowed the editor to frame the two actor's as Negan and Lucille in the hospital as her life slipped away but also captured their emotional moments between the two, as well.


Whether or not The Walking Dead will cast a Lucille for a Negan flashback episode or scene is unknown.

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