New 'Walking Dead' Issue Could Be Best Thing for TV Series

The latest issue of The Walking Dead comics could be the best thing to happen to the The Walking [...]

The latest issue of The Walking Dead comics could be the best thing to happen to the The Walking Dead TV series, should it reach an equivalent moment.

Mild spoilers for The Walking Dead issue #175 follow.

Issue #175 of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel was a milestone for the series, not just in its 15 years of publishing of #175 number. The first issue of the New World Order arc introduced a thriving community of 50,000-plus survivors and a brand new, emotional storyline for a key character. Should the AMC series adapting these comics reach such a moment in its narrative, it could be the best thing to happen to the live-action story since Terminus.

Eight years and more than 100 episodes into its story, fatigue is setting in for some fans of The Walking Dead TV series. What was once a journey of survival and mysterious world-building with undead threats looming evolved into a narrative driven by human to human conflict. It started small with Rick and Shane. It grew into a feud with the Governor before the people of Terminus became a threat. None lasted as long as Negan has but the pattern has become evident.

Next in line, should the TV show follow its source material, is a human threat using a drastically different tactic -- but a human threat nonetheless.

The New World Order story, however, introducing a story unlike any other. While the books are still early in their telling of this new Commonwealth community and the events which will unfold with its introduction, the mystery surrounding a group of people 50,000 large is unequivocal. Suddenly, readers are enthralled by the possibility of a world rebuilt. The thought of pursuing a cure for the walker virus is back, even if it will never happen again. Families are set to reunite and life as the characters know it is about to change. What would have taken Rick dozens of years to accomplish in Alexandria has been introduced in Ohio.

It's a storyline as intriguing as the possibility of a thriving community claiming the helicopter which flew over Rick Grimes earlier in Season 8. It was that moment which had fans wondering -- are there more survivors out there? Is there a government? Is there a group of people hiding from the virus who are more privileged than the characters we've met? Those types of questions help drive an audience's attention. Pepper in the feud with Negan and the Whisperers and the TV series could be as good as it has ever been, if not better.

Luckily, the Commonwealth's introduction runs alongside the Whisperers story in the comics. This means the AMC series can introduce and run through another intimidating set of baddies for Rick Grimes to handle while setting the more-interesting stage of a major world expansion beyond the fight.

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