The Walking Dead: Daryl Gets in a Bloody Brawl in New Look at Season 10B

Spoilery new footage from the second half of The Walking Dead Season 10 reveals Daryl (Norman Reedus) engages Whisperer leader Alpha (Samantha Morton) in a bloody brawl sometime after escaping from the cave filled with her walker horde. Also looking worse for wear is Alpha, who can be seen writhing in pain with an agonizing injury: she's been impaled by a tree branch. At one point in the new footage, Alpha brandishes her shotgun and swears she's "stronger than ever" despite figuratively losing her head in marketing materials warning the Whisperer pack leader is close to cracking at the dawn of the Whisperer War.

Despite Alpha's vicious deeds — a slew of decapitations among them, including the murder of Carol (Melissa McBride) and King Ezekiel's (Khary Payton) son — Morton is "not playing in mind that she's a villain."

"She doesn't think she's a villain. Just don't mess with her. You know? You look at lots of politicians all over the world right now, and war, and how things happen, and how things can escalate, and I think she's just incredibly strong minded," Morton previously told Entertainment Weekly. "I haven't played any scenes whereby it's about pleasure, and I think that when you look at psychopaths, they get pleasure from their actions, whereas Alpha, it is just what this is about. She is leading an army, and she's clever, and if somebody crosses her, then it's different."

Even before the coming Alpha versus Daryl battle, Morton took gleeful pride in getting to play a female "badass."

"How many women get to play a badass like this? How many women get to do these parts? They just don't exist," she told EW. "So you think of the comics, and what [TWD creator] Robert Kirkman's done in making this character, it's a dream come true. I often look at films, some really good films in the male parts, and I go, 'Oh, Dirty Harry. I'd love to play Dirty Harry,' but obviously he's amazing, and those films are whatever, but it's very rare that the women get to take that on. That they get that responsibility."


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