'The Walking Dead': Seth Gilliam's Fear Of Gabriel Dying, Blinding Illness

Stars of The Walking Dead bring a whole new definition to fearing phone calls from the boss, especially when their character has been battling a post-apocalyptic illness.

During an episode of ComicBook.com's After the Dead, Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam opened up about his characters current arc which involves a loss of vision and other serious ailments. "You know, every time my phone rings and it's [showrunner] Scott Gimple's number, I get nervous," Gilliam said. "It doesn't really matter what the content of the call is, it's like, uh oh, here's a call from Gimple, let's just push that to voicemail and see if he calls right back. But you've got to figure that they come up with really creative ways to kill people off on this show, so when it is your time to go, it's going to be something you're going to have fun doing, I think."

Gabriel may, however, be reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. Covering for Eugene might been the first step but it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't found medication to treat his unknown illness. Details may be coming up regarding the sickness but it doesn't sound too pivotal.

"I'm hoping that we'll learn a little bit more," Gilliam said. "I believe some things may be said, but I'm not certain whether or not they'll make the cut."


Either way, the road to Gabriel's recovery is a relief for Gilliam in more ways than one. Not only is he relieved to see Gabriel survive but the blinding contacts are no easy task to endure while performing. "The contacts did kind of throw me off a bit," Gilliam said. "They're handmade, and they're hand-painted, and they take up the entire pupil. Not just the pupil, I'm talking about the actual entire eyeball. So it takes a while to get used to, and they have to be moisturized every 20 minutes. Somebody's got to come and put some things in, or else they stick to the eyeball. So they can be a little uncomfortable to work with. But the effect is fantastic, so you suffer for your art, I guess."

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