'The Walking Dead' Issue #179 Cover Revealed, Teases Major Death

The cover of The Walking Dead issue #179 has been revealed with artist Charlie Adlard teasing a major character death.

The issue will be the fifth part of The Walking Dead's six part All Out War story. It Sees Eugene marching away from a Commonwealth soldier and beginning his journey back to Alexandria. On his back is Michonne's katana and the reveal came with Adlard's ominous words. "The journey home," Adlard writes. "There's nothing worse than returning with fewer people than you left with."

Check out the cover and Adlard's tweet below.

Though the cryptic synopsis for The Walking Dead issue #179 seems to tease a character being killed off prior to the return to Alexandria, there is actually a more likely scenario. Michonne might be staying behind in the Commonwealth community after reuniting with her daughter Elodie who is working at the community's bakery. The Walking Dead's covers are historically misleading in their symbolism, so with fans being trained to suspect death upon such cryptic teases, there might actually be something deeper going on.

The Walking Dead issue #179 hits shelves in May of 2018.


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