'The Walking Dead' Fans Should Expect To Cry In Season 8 According To Pollyanna McIntosh

If you thought Season 8 of The Walking Dead would buck the trend of all previous seasons and [...]

If you thought Season 8 of The Walking Dead would buck the trend of all previous seasons and possibly offer some relief to viewers, star Pollyanna McIntosh has bad news for you, as she promises the rest of the season will be explosive and possibly result in a few tears.

"They can expect an explosive season. They can expect to cry," McIntosh told Huffington Post. "As ever, someone's gonna die, so their heartstrings will be pulled as always. But hopefully the enjoyment, the excitement and war element of the show ― this season, they will not be disappointed. We've been leading up to this for a while, and Season 7 was thoughtful and brilliant, but we're ready for war now."

The series might only be a few episodes into its latest season, but one trend that fans have noticed thus far is that the show isn't wasting much time crafting its narrative and is delivering action-packed installments on a regular basis. When ComicBook.com spoke with producer Greg Nicotero earlier this year, he assured fans that the series doesn't intend to slow down anytime soon.

"The pace stays right on par with where we start," Nicotero said of Season 8. "For me the trick is, we're just about into episode 15, and I haven't seen the outline for 16. We really haven't — we haven't been pitched the second half of season 8, we don't know. And I'm kind of excited to not know!"

The producer's comments echo sentiments he had previously shared with us about the intensity being incredibly high early in the season, whereas the show normally started off its seasons more slowly.

"Traditionally, the way The Walking Dead works is we kind of set up our first half of the season to lead us into this second half," Nicotero explained. "Usually the second half of the season kind of shoots us off into space, so when we lay these little seeds and as things start to germinate, something that happens in episode two may not pay off until episode 13. I feel like this first half is going to feel like the second half of most of our seasons where we're already kind of taking off and I think people are going to be blown away by it."

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