'The Walking Dead' Star Weighs In On Huge Show Error

Making a show that takes place in an apocalyptic dystopia comes with countless challenges, one of which being you never know when an airplane might accidentally appear in a shot. The Walking Dead fans seem to have caught the moment an aircraft entered a scene, but star Pollyanna McIntosh played coy about if fans really were seeing what they think they saw.

"I can’t say anything. You either talk about a studio screw-up or you talk about a possible thing that might be part of a story, so either way I’m not doing the show justice,” the actress told Huffington Post.

The moment on the show caused a deluge of users on Twitter seeking confirmation of the event, but McIntosh attempted to dismiss the sighting.

“I certainly will tell you as an audience member when I watched it, I didn’t notice it, and it’s only when the internet went buzzy about it that I thought, ‘Hm, what’s going on there?’ So the fans are informing me as much as I’m able to inform the fans,” McIntosh claimed.

The actress is no stranger to confronting social media reactions to the show, as her character's debut in the series came along with it a slew of tweets criticizing her character Jadis' hairstyle.

"It's so weird, my hair was like this," McIntosh told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "For all the haters online going, 'You look like a dick.' I'm thinking 'Yeah, I did before. I've always looked like a dick.'"

Some characters on the AMC series have adopted dramatic looks to convey their characters, but McIntosh actually brought her own sense of style to the character.

"I had bangs on and off like this since I did a movie called The Woman," McIntosh admitted. "[The character] was a hunter and feral in the woods so I just took my hair and went, 'She looked like this, right?' Because I didn't want to wear a wig. And since then one way or another I've had bangs."

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