Who Dies In 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale?

Midseason finales of The Walking Dead have proven deadly four years in a row, so Season 8's will likely be no exception.

Episode 8x08, the midseason finale, is titled, "How It's Gotta Be." The official synopsis for How It's Gotta Be reads, "Every story and battle from the first half of the season comes together."

The extended finale will likely be the end of the road for one, if not more, members both sides of the war between Negan and Rick as the "story" and "battle" elements of Season 8A come together. Previously, the AMC series has taken out characters such as Hershel, Beth, Deanna, and Spencer in its last episodes of the year.

So, who is in danger and who is safe heading into the last The Walking Dead episode of 2017?

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Rick- Safe. Rick has now escaped the trash heap and turned the Scavengers into allies while Negan sets sail for Alexandria. His arrival will be unexpected and he has an army of trash folk which is, for whatever reason, on his side.

Negan- Safe. Negan has busted out of the Sanctuary, thanks to Daryl's plan. He is marching on Alexandria while most of its leaders and soldiers are scattered. He is out for revenge and might just get it.

Michonne- Danger. Michonne has been left in Alexandria to defend the place from Negan and his very angry Saviors. With the responsibility of protecting Carl and others, Michonne will be burdened with fighting back or coming up with a good plan of other action to protect the outnumbered Alexandrians.

Carl- Danger. Carl was last seen wandering the woods with a stranger after a close encounter with walkers. Until he gets home and shows he has no bites and that Siddiq is actually a friend, Carl is listed as being in danger.

Carol- Safe. Carol remains safe, having survived the Savior ambush of the Kingdom's army an safely returning. Mentally and physically, Carol is ready for what comes next. Plus, she has little Henry to defend her!

Daryl- Danger. Daryl's rogue choices have put the Alexandrians in danger by freeing Negan. Still, he wishes to protect his family, and will do whatever it takes to exact revenge. It's a dangerously willing place to be.

Maggie- Danger. Negan has cleared the leaders from the Do-Not-Kill lists for the Saviors. Maggie is headed out of Alexandria and is definitely going to run into some trouble along the war.

Morgan- Danger. Not only did Morgan support Daryl's plan which has clearly backfired, he is also dangerously willing to kill the Saviors. Many continue to suspect him of still being in danger -- mostly because he will be on Fear the Walking Dead in its next season and no one knows for sure if it is a prequel or continuation.

Jesus- Safe. Jesus is a skilled fighter but lost a few allies when he decided to keep the Saviors alive. Still, he is not in danger as he remains in control of his surroundings.

Enid- Safe. Enid remains a key member of the Hilltop community, working closely with new leader Maggie and forging new friendships with other characters nearby. There are no immediate threats.

Gabriel- Danger. With Negan marching to Alexandria, Gabriel is an excellent bargaining chip. Unfortunately, his health continues to decline and Negan isn't in the mood for negotiating.

Gregory- Danger. Locked in a prison with the Saviors, Gregory has lost all control and runs the risk of being killed or cast out.

Dwight- Danger. With Eugene realizing Dwight's betrayal of the Saviors, it is impossible to rule the character as safe despite his ability to play both sides.

Simon- Safe. The Saviors have the upper hand once again and Simon will lead his faction, once again.

Ezekiel- Danger. The Kingdom is largely defenseless and Ezekiel has forgotten how to lead. Until he remembers, he is in danger.

Jerry- Danger. Jerry becoming a hostage is an obviously dangerous place to be.

Tara- Danger. Tara's willingness to attack the Saviors regardless of the danger it places her or others in keeps her listed as in "danger".

Rosita- Safe. Rosita showed surprisingly level-headed perspective of Daryl's suicide mission and takes the high road back to Alexandria. She's a soldier and will be useful moving forward.

Eugene- Safe. Eugene has the most valuable information within the Sanctuary and might just finally join the cause of flipping back to Team Family when we see him again.


Aaron- Safe. The loss of Eric will become a driving point for Aaron as he continues to emerge as a leader in the apocalypse as he rides with Enid to Oceanside. He has more motivation than ever to find revenge and eliminate the Saviors.

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