'Riverdale': Cole Sprouse Fought To Keep Jughead's Dog Canonical

Riverdale has taken a handful of leaps in adapting Archie Comics to the big screen, but one of its stars was insistent on keeping one character the same.

In a recent interview with Late Night With Seth Meyers, Cole Sprouse recounted his fight to bring Hot Dog, the dog of his character Jughead Jones, onto the show.

“Jughead’s dog in the comics is a dog named Hot Dog." Sprouse explained. "He’s undoubtedly the worst part of the digests. Hands down, he’s the scariest thing, and adds, really, not too much. But for some reason, I was addicted to the idea of having an English Sheepdog like he is in the comics."

Apparently, those involved with Riverdale didn't have the same mindset when it came to Hot Dog's breed of dog, leading Sprouse to campaign for his choice for a week.

"And he was originally pitched as like a pit bull." Sprouse revealed. "And I thought ‘Okay, we gotta try to find a way to get an English sheepdog.’ So for a week, I was trying to wear [showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa] down about this."

Eventually, Sprouse's plan worked, as Hot Dog was seen in the show's season one finale. But behind the scenes, things weren't as Sprouse had hoped.

"We got this dog." Sprouse recalled. "And this dog was the worst actor I have ever, ever seen. It barks the whole time, it didn’t hit its mark, it broke fourth wall consistently. It was just no good.”

Riverdale fans have yet to see a return appearance from Hot Dog, especially with a pretty big mystery currently afoot. And judging by Sprouse's comments, there's a good reason for that.

Riverdale airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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