'South Park' New Episode to Tackle Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

Keeping with the trend of extremely topical episodes this season, South Park has its sights set on a new target in this Wednesday's upcoming episode, and it what is definitely it's most current events-directed episode of the season.

The new episode, titled "The Problem with a Poo," will provide a sarcastic take on the recent Brett Kavanaugh hearings. On Wednesday, Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo, will be answering for some of his disgusting behavior in the past, much like Kavanaugh did last week when he was questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee after being accused of sexual assault around the time he was nominated by Donald Trump to serve as the next judge on the Supreme Court.

In the teaser clip for the episode, which you can watch in the video above, Mr. Hankey's behavior makes several references to Kavanaugh's mannerisms in the hearings. The animated characters sniffles on many occasions, as Kavanaugh did, and spends time interrupting a Senator to ask his own, completely unrelated questions.

Comedy Central's description of the upcoming episode reads:

"Mr. Hankey must defend his character or lose everything that is important to him. Mr. Hankeys' offensive behavior puts him in jeopardy of being fired as the Director of the Annual Christmas Pageant."

If the episode follows the events of our real world, Mr. Hankey most likely won't face any sort of punishment for his supposed wrongdoings in the past. Over the weekend, Kavanaugh was voted into the Supreme Court by the majority of the Senate, though there remains significant opposition both in the government, and by the population.


"The Problem with a Poo" marks the third episode of South Park's 22nd season, and all three have dealt with sensitive issues. The premiere tackled the normalcy of mass shootings, particularly those in schools, and last week's episode dealt the sex scandal in the Catholic church.

South Park airs new episodes on Wednesday nights at 10 pm ET on Comedy Central.