Legends of Tomorrow Recap With Spoilers: It's a Prom Night From Hell in "Slay Anything"

legends of tomorrow slay anything
(Photo: The CW)

The Legends have a lot going on this season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. First, a change to the timeline resulted in Behrad being on the team instead of Zari, but some memories of her still remain for Nate. Then, the team discovered that Hell’s worst souls have been sent topside by Astra. These Encores, as the team’s dubbed them, are causing all kinds of temporal issues and thus sending the heroes on some truly wild adventures, first to Imperial Russia, then to Hollywood of the 1940s. Tonight, though, they’re headed to not one but two timelines to deal with the return of the Prom Night Slasher. How will the Legends fare on prom night? Read on to find out!

Full spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow’s “Slay Anything” below.

Iron Heights, 2004. Freddy Meyers is executed for a series of murders in 1989. His final words are that he loves his mother, who is observing the execution from another room. As the coroner drives away with the body, his van goes out of control and crashes. Freddy is missing and kills the coroner. On the Waverider, Constantine tries to leave and Sara is ready to get rid of him. He's been trying to move out for a while. Ray suggests that to deal with the Encore problem, they should just go reform them as children. Nora shows up to spend time with Ray but she promptly falls asleep.

Nate and Behrad try to deal with the Zari situation and Nate wants to try to get her to remember. Behrad doesn't think there's ever been a different Zari. They leave her so that they can go on a mission, that mission being the serial killer issue and Ava knows his story - she has a podcast about serial killers. The fifteen year reunion for the high school class terrorized by Freddy is about to happen and so, the Legends are off. Mick reveals that he went to school there when Mick attended. Ava is having a crazy true crime fangirl moment. Outside, Nate and Ray find a murdered police officer. Freddy is there.

When they go to unveil the memorial inside, lone survivor Tiffany is missing and soon discovered murdered on the memorial. Freddy locks Nate and Ray out of the school and now Sara, Ava, and Mick are stuck inside with him.

Northumberland County, UK, 2020. Constantine and Gary arrive at what is essentially Constantine's old home where he encounters himself except it's not him. It's Charlie, but Constantine isn't happy to see her. At the high school reunion, it turns out that the doors are sealed telekinetically. Mick is focused on saving a specific student: Allie. Sara decides to send Ray and Nate back to 1989 to try to reform Freddy so he never becomes the killer. They observe Freddy being bullied and Tiffany surprisingly asking Freddy to the prom. Nate thinks it's what triggers Freddy as they think its trick to humiliate him.

In 2004, Ava and Sara encounter the killer who uses his telekinetic powers to brutally kill one of his former peers. On the Waverider, Nate and Ray in 1989 get information to find Freddy at home, but Nora starts to get a headache. As a Fairy Godmother, she can hear the wishes of the prom kids and she gets sent to Freddy, the kid with the deepest need. Freddy is about to tell Nora his wish but his mother interrupts - she's not happy he's going to prom. Freddy also ultimately wishes for a cool suit and a grand prom entrance.

In 2004, Mick finds Allie and while they talk about what might have been, Allie is killed by the serial killer. In 1989, Ray and Nate figure out what the bullies are up to, but Tiffany bails out on the plan to drop trash on Freddy. Instead, the bullies just attack him directly, revealing the prank and humiliate him. Nora chases after him and tries to talk him down. He makes one more wish and takes the stage, winning over the crowd with an awesome dance show.


On the Waverider, Zari tries to get online with Gideon and has a brief flashback to her previous life and manages to break out which sends her out into 1989 where she gets into Freddy's limo. That's when it's revealed that Freddy isn't the killer after all. In 2004, the killer fries Mick and it turns out, it's Freddy's mom. She was the real killer and had a heart attack when Freddy was executed. Back in 1989, the killer attacks the limo. Fights happen in both 2004 and 1989 with Zari unmasking the killer. Behrad arrives and stops her, causing her to vanish in 2004.

Zari sticks with the team and everyone joins up in 2004. Mick reconnects with Allie. Freddy is revealed to be engaged to Tiffany. At Constantine's, he explains the Northcastle crew to Charlie and the powerful witch he came to consult: Astra's deceased mother. After a pep talk from Charlie, he does so.

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