American Horror Story Creator Says Macaulay Culkin's Season 10 Role Is "Insane"

American Horror Story regularly sees the return of familiar cast members, with this season seeing the addition of Macaulay Culkin to its roster in a role which creator Ryan Murphy claims is "insane." Given that the series has delivered audiences all manner of dark and disturbing stories, it's unclear if Culkin's role and its insanity means it will merely be par for the course as far as the series is concerned or if Murphy's description of the character pegs him as being insane even for the series' standards. Whatever the role might be, we're looking forward to seeing what Culkin brings to the series.

"I have this very, very great insane part. And I asked to speak to him on the phone and he said okay," Murphy shared with E! News. "[When] I cast, I never let people read things, usually. I said, ‘OK, here’s the pitch.’ And I told him the character and I told him he has crazy, erotic sex with Kathy Bates and does other things. And he paused and he goes, ‘This sounds like the role I was born to play.’ So, he signed up right then and there.”

He continued, “I’m excited for him to be in my world because I think … I’m gonna want to do a lot of things with him if he wants to work, because I think he’s fascinating and interesting, and I think he has a soul. There’s both a lightness and a darkness with Macaulay Culkin that I’m attracted to."

The actor's breakthrough performances came early in his career, thanks to roles in The Good Son and the Home Alone films, though he became more selective about his roles as an adult. Given that some audiences still see him as the adorable young performer, his debut in American Horror Story is sure to come as a shock to some viewers.

"It came about just because it’s how I always do things where I have always loved Macaulay Culkin’s work," Murphy detailed of how the collaboration began. "I loved everything that he’s done, I love the stuff he did in Home Alone, I also loved the sort of the older, more recent stuff that he did. And he hasn’t worked in a while.”


Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has put all movie and TV productions on hiatus, so it's unclear when the new season of the series could move forwward. Stay tuned for details on the new season of the series.

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