Here's Why Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Won't Get a Part 5

In the two years since its debut, Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has earned a passionate [...]

In the two years since its debut, Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has earned a passionate following, with fans growing enamored with its blend of intense supernatural adventures and charming teen-aged melodrama, resulting in audiences being disappointed when it was revealed earlier this year that it wasn't renewed for a Part Five. What made this announcement especially surprising was that, shortly after the first part debuted, it was renewed up through Part Four, seemingly confirming how invested in the storyline Netflix was. Now that the finale episodes of the series have landed on Netflix, we have a better understanding of why there won't be any more episodes.

WARNING: Major spoilers below for Part Four of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

These final episodes of the series see Lord Blackwood unleashing the Eldritch Terrors on Sabrina and the town of Greendale, which are the biggest threats the teen witch has ever faced. From The Weird to The Darkness to The Void, these threats took all manner of shape and presented Sabrina, along with her closest allies, with the most dangerous foes they ever faced.

Sadly, due to the severity of these threats, the final episode of the series sees Sabrina herself making a sacrifice in order to save her friends, clearly confirming her death. The series solidified her fatal sacrifice so blatantly that, in addition to showing her friends and family gather for her funeral, we see a sequence in which Sabrina is in some sort of afterlife, with Nicholas Scratch joining her to continue their romance, as he admits to having drowned in the Sea of Sorrows.

Despite the inherent potential of the series and excitement from fans, it's hard to have a show entitled "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" when Sabrina herself is dead. With the series concluding around Sabrina's 17th birthday, it would also present challenges to continue the show in perpetuity when it's based on a teen-aged witch, allowing its conclusion to leave fans wanting more instead of it wearing out its welcome.

One of the biggest disappointments among fans is that Sabrina's death will likely prevent any opportunities for her to drop by Riverdale for a guest appearance, though flashbacks wouldn't entirely rule out that possibility. Luckily, with all of Sabrina's friends surviving the bout with the Eldritch Terrors, it's still entirely possible that these supporting characters could drop by The CW series.

All four parts of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are streaming now on Netflix.

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