Dean Cain Reveals His True Feelings on the DC Extended Universe

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman celebrated its 25th anniversary at New York Comic Con [...]

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman celebrated its 25th anniversary at New York Comic Con on Friday, and Dean Cain was not shy about the current state of the DC Universe.

Cain got together with his co-star Teri Hatcher for a panel on Friday, where they celebrated their successful show and their legacies in the world of superhero TV. Along the way, Cain was not shy with his opinions about the current DC Extended Universe line-up.

It all started when a fan asked the actors about the possibility of a reboot. Both were extremely interested in the idea, and had specific thoughts on where their versions of Lois and Clark might be 25 years later, though Hatcher noted that Warner Bros. has so many versions of the story going right now that it might be confusing for them to come back. Cain agreed, though he thought this was something of a weakness for the studio.

"Maybe that's why Marvel is kicking their butts in the movies right now," he said. The statement was met with a mixed response from the crowd -- equal parts cheers and boos.

"I don't know, you tell me," Cain said. "Are the DC movies better than the Marvel movies?" Another swell of sound answered the question, with at least one defiant cry of "yes!"

"Are the Marvel movies better than the DC movies?" Cain asked, to another storm of shouted replies. "My point has been made."

Later on in the panel, the subject of the DCEU came up again when things turned to Cain and Hatcher's cast mates. Cain noted that it was great to have "Ma and Pa Kent" as a part of their show, and he slipped in a shot at Man of Steel.

"When I think of those characters, I can't not picture [K Callan and Eddie Jones]," Hatcher said.

"Same," Cain chimed in. "I don't picture Kevin Costner. No offense. By the way, why didn't Superman save him right then? Seriously, that made me so mad. I would have saved him, I'm just throwing it out there."

Of course, all of Cain's jabs were good-natured. The actor has an ongoing role in DC's current TV universe, which he said he hopes he will return to in the future. He and Hatcher also repeatedly talked about their love for the fandom, and Cain's mocking comments were likely made in part to relate to the general consensus on social media.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman is now streaming in full on the DC Universe app.