Doctor Who: John Barrowman Hopes Holiday Special Leads to More Captain Jack Returns

Captain Jack Harkness is back in Doctor Who and hopefully not for the last time. John Barrowman reprises his role from earlier seasons of Doctor Who in the upcoming holiday special "Revolution of the Daleks." Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Barrowman says the reaction to his announced return has been mostly positive, though some wish the BBC had kept it a surprise until the episode aired. Barrowman explains that he's happy for the love and that while he understands the aversion to spoilers, but that he's hoping the announcement will bring more viewers in, thus leading to more Captian Jack returns to Doctor Who in the future.

"I’ve had an unbelievable reaction. People have contacted me and said, "My feed is clogged with 'Jack is back.'" But there’s also controversy," he says. "There’s a group of people who didn’t want to be told, some of the Whovians, they're upset about it. I get that. But’s it's something to look forward to. Putting the spoiler aside, I want the show to do well. I want the reaction to be good, because there's a possibility that they could bring him back. So, if there's more people watching it at the time, or there's more people talking about it, then we‘re going to get more of it, so that’s my logic behind it. So, I apologize for the spoiler, but I kind of don’t."

Later in the interview, Barrowman admits he has little control over Jack's future beyond always being ready and willing to come back to Doctor Who. When asked if Jack will return in future episodes, he replies, "I can’t answer that, because I don’t know. However, I've always said, I love the show so much, I love the character so much, that if they ever ask me, at a drop of a hat, I will be back. I’ll make it work, I’ll figure out a way. It will always happen."

Captain Jack is one of the most beloved supporting characters and companions of the new Doctor Who era. He was last seen in a surprise cameo in the Doctor Who Season 12 episode "Fugitive of the Judoon," appearing with a warning for Yaz, Ryan, and Graham to pass on to the Doctor before he disappeared again. According to the BBC, Captain Jack will be on hand to help the Doctor and the fam as they discover a disturbing plan forming involving one of the Doctor’s most feared and dangerous enemies, the Daleks.

Doctor Who, "Revolution of the Daleks," airs on New Year's Day on BBC America.