Doom Patrol Recap With Spoilers: The Team Faces Their Imaginary Friends in "Wax Patrol"

Last week on Doom Patrol, Dorothy did a bit of growing up which may feel like good thing for the girl who had spent so much time kept away from the world, it wasn't exactly a good thing for the actual world itself. With Dorothy growing up, the threat of the Candlemaker is more real than ever and in this week's season two finale, the team may have one last chance to stop the end of the world if they can manage to help Dorothy keep the waxy bad guy at bay. They'll have to face their own imaginary friends first, though. Find out how it all comes out in our recap of the Doom Patrol Season 2 finale, "Wax Patrol", below.

Warning: Spoilers for this week's episode of Doom Patrol, "Wax Patrol", below.

The episode opens with The Girl's beloved toy floating down into The Well with an unconscious Jane floating after it. Then, Milwaukee, 1969. Miranda leaves work at a sandwich shop to take her lunch break and a street musician sits down to chat with her -- he's been playing outside the shop for a bit and Miranda is new to the area. He asks her out and she says yes, before giving her a necklace he bought with the nickels she usually gives him for his performances.

In the present, at Doom Manor, Cliff is trying to figure out what to wear to his daughter's wedding. Miranda helps. Upstairs, Vic is playing sad love songs because of his breakup with Roni. Rita tries to console him, but she is also struggling with her inability to stop Roni. The team comes together to see Cliff off when Herschel shows up and tells them that Dorothy can't hold back the Candlemaker -- and Armageddon is coming if she can't. Cliff decides to bail, but the rest of the team convince him to stay.

At the fair, the Candlemaker has been wreaking havoc and the team locates Willoughby while Dorothy tries to hide from Candlemaker in the arcade. Willoughby explains that Candlemaker has summoned all of their imaginary friends in order to stop them before being dragged off. The team splits up to find Niles and Miranda suddenly passes out. The Underground has summoned her back because she's gone to help Dorothy and the rest of the personas confront her. At the fair, Rita runs into her imaginary friend, a paper doll named Mademoiselle Roxy. Vic runs into his as well, Dr. Cowboy -- who looks like his dad. Vic thinks he defeats him, but he pops right back up. Cliff encounters his imaginary friend -- Jesus -- who attacks him, and they fight. Yes, Cliff fights Jesus, but also works out some of his own issues and they hug it out. Larry finds Willoughby covered in wax and ends up wax-covered himself while Vic opens up to Dr. Cowboy about Roni and Rita opens up about her own issues to her paper doll. One at a time they all get waxed, except Cliff gets busted apart first.

Back to Miranda's past where she's moving into an apartment with the boy from the diner. They've been dating for a few years and it appears, generally to be going well and Miranda promises the others that the relationship is a good thing. During a housewarming party a few days later, Miranda notices people starting to kiss each other and one of her boyfriend's friends tries to kiss her. Turns out, it's essentially an orgy and when she balks, he pressures her into going along with it. Unfortunately, Miranda can only see Kay's abusive father and starts rapidly cycling through personas before fully freaking out. She passes out, pulled back to The Underground where she's rejected by The Girl so she throws herself into The Well. Up top, Jane wakes up and is primary for the first time.

At the fair, Niles calls out to Dorothy and she comes to him and sees everyone covered in wax. Before Dorothy can get to Niles, though, her mother Slava appears and stops her. She tells Dorothy that no one can protect her and only she can deal with the Candlemaker giving her the choice to be a little girl or be a woman and face the Candlemaker. Dorothy chooses to grow up and face the Candlemaker. She conjures her own weapon and the Candlemaker takes her to meet her fate.

In The Well Jane, who has awakened, swims towards a glowing light at the bottom while The Girl goes to Jane's station and finds it closed. In The Well, Jane discovers Miranda's necklace -- and Miranda's corpse. The Girl is approached by who we've been told is Miranda and it's revealed that it's been the monstrous father all along.