Emilia Clarke Doesn't Sound Like a Big Fan of Game of Thrones Final Season, Either

With one last episode before the Song of Ice and Fire finally wraps up, many fans are eager to see what will happen in the ending of Game of Thrones. But after the penultimate chapter called "The Bells" showed Daenerys Targaryen make the ultimate heel turn and burn thousands of innocent people in King's Landing, a lot of fans have expressed disappointment at the final season. And it sounds like they aren't the only ones upset with how things have turned out.

Daenerys Targaryen has suffered some drastic character changes over the course of just a few episodes. After spending seven seasons protecting innocent people and inflicting harm on her enemies, she seemingly snapped and decided she wasn't about that action. Instead, she reigned fire and death on the people who didn't even cross her — and actress Emilia Clarke hinted that she wasn't satisfied with this portrayal of the character.

When speaking with Vanity Fair about her character's final on-screen scenes, the actress bluntly stated that "It f*cked me up."

She added, "Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is..."

Though she trailed off, not finishing her sentence due to her protection of major spoilers of the popular TV show, it's strange to look at this quote with the context of the latest episode.

While the writers of the series explained in the post-episode featurette that this break was a long time coming, it's easy to see how Clarke takes issue with her character's descent in a matter of episodes.

Daenerys has endured so much and overcome terrifying odds in order to attain the power that she has, and at the core of her character has been her desire to protect the weak and innocent — a trait she shared when her journey began. Though she never shied away from her Targaryen blood lust when it came to her enemies, or those who enacted injustice on the world, she never acted cruel just for the sake of cruelty.

Perhaps that's what Clarke is referring to, that her character suffered such a drastic change in the final episodes of the most popular series on television. Or maybe she just doesn't like the special effects? Who knows.

The final episode of Game of Thrones airs Sunday, May 19th on HBO TV.



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