Falcon and the Winter Soldier Merch Leak Possibly Spoils New Captain America Costume

Ever since Avengers: Endgame literally had Steve Rogers hand his shield over to Sam Wilson it was only a matter of time before the hero dropped the name "Falcon" and took up the full mantle of Captain America. With the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV series it seems like that time will happen very soon, star Anthony Mackie has even alluded to having seen the suit himself and tried it on (pre-pandemic naturally). Now a new piece of merchandise has arrived online that might offer a hint at what Sam's Cap suit will look like when we finally get to see it, but keep your salt handy.

As first noticed by Murphy's Multiverse, the online retailer Super Hero Stuff has added a listing for "Marvel Disney+ The Falcon 360 Character Collection Crew Socks," a pair of socks that feature Sam as Captain America in what could be a look at his new on-screen costume. The biggest shock of this potential new costume is that there's no star on the suit, which would indicate that these aren't socks just based on his look from the pages of Marvel Comics as Captain America. It's also surprising that Sam isn't seen holding the iconic shield, but there will no doubt be more socks.

falcon socks
(Photo: MARVEL)

“You know what, to be honest, it’s very emotional,” Mackie previously told Deadline about taking on the title in the MCU. “I’ve been in the business for 20 years and I’ve been fortunate to do some amazing stuff and work with amazing people. For me, to be a Black man in 2019 and be given the helm of Captain America with the history of Black men in this country is a monumental step, not only in entertainment, but also in my life. It’s been extremely emotional. Look, my grandfather was a sharecropper, you know what I mean? There’s a lot of history and pain and triumph and joy that comes along with me being Captain America.”

Joining Mackie in the series is co-lead Sebastian Stan plus MCU star Emily VanCamp who returns as Sharon Carter. The series will also welcome Wyatt Russell as John Walker/U.S. Agent to the fold while also bringing back villain characters Georges St-Pierre's as Batroc the Leaper and Daniel Brühl as Baron Zemo. Production on the series resumed in recent weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic forced a pause in filming, but a premiere date for the series remains unclear at this time.