Ghost Adventures Reveals New Details About Their "Sinister" Investigation at the Cecil Hotel

To celebrate the launch of the new streaming service discovery+, the Ghost Adventures team is delivering an all-new investigation into the Cecil Hotel, the last known whereabouts of Elisa Lam before her body was discovered in the water supply. As if this event wasn't disturbing enough, the hotel is known for a number of bizarre occurrences, which includes having reported connections to famous serial killers. The Ghost Adventures team has also called this location one of the most "sinister" places they've investigated. Check out Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel when it debuts on discovery+ when the service launches on January 4, 2021.

"It doesn't get bigger and more sinister than this," Zak Bagans, lead paranormal investigator, shared in a statement. "We've been trying to get inside these rooms for more than a decade, so this is really a big deal – the first-ever paranormal investigation in the Cecil Hotel. It has a dark history and reputation and it's one of the heaviest places we've ever been in. This is not your average hotel. With its connection to serial killer Richard Ramirez and the disturbing death of Elisa Lam, it's undeniable that there are spirits inside this building. But the question is who, or what, are they."

The Cecil Hotel has a history of seedy activity and housing transients, drug dealers, and even serial killers. Richard Ramirez, the "Night Stalker," was a self-proclaimed devil worshipper rumored to have carried out some of his murder spree while living in the hotel during the 1980s. Riddled with stories of paranormal activity, the historic building is the epitome of creepy – an inspiration for books, films, and even a season of the American Horror Story series. In 2013, it was the site of one of the most chilling mysteries of the 21st century, when the body of college student Elisa Lam was found in one of the hotel's rooftop water tanks. The only clue was disturbing security camera footage of Lam exhibiting odd behavior inside the hotel elevator right before her untimely disappearance and death. The incident remains a mystery and questions linger about how Lam got in the tank – and whether it was a person, or a darker force, that drew her there.

Check out Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel when it launches on discovery+ when the service launches on January 4, 2021.


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