Ghost Adventures Star Hosting New Special About Elisa Lam's Death on Discovery+

Throughout his years of investigations, Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans has spent time in a [...]

Throughout his years of investigations, Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans has spent time in a number of locations that are famous for supernatural happenings, though a new investigation he will be delivering fans on the Discovery Network's new streaming platform discovery+ will have more of a true-crime angle, as he'll be heading to the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles where Elisa Lam's body was discovered. The new special will be debuting on the streaming service on January 4th, with discovery+ being the go-to destination for fans of the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Food Network, Lifetime, and more.

"Discovery is launching their streaming service [discovery+] on January 4th, where we will present a 2-hour Special investigating the infamous Cecil Hotel where the mysterious death of Elisa Lam sent shockwaves throughout the world," Bagans revealed on Twitter. "Stream exclusively Jan 4th on [discovery+]."

While Ghost Adventures fans might not immediately be aware of the disappearance of Lam, her death, as well as an infamous video of the Canadian, is sure to send chills down your spine.

Lam was visiting Los Angeles and was a guest of the Cecil Hotel, with her expected to check out and head to Santa Cruz on January 31, 2013. When her parents didn't hear from her that day, having been contacted by her every day during her travels, they alerted the authorities. For two weeks, there were no solid leads about what happened to Lam, with police searching her room and the rest of the hotel.

The most unsettling clue came on February 15th, when authorities released the last known footage of Lam. Taken from the hotel's elevator, Lam is seen entering the elevator, which is where the questions start. After entering the elevator, Lam appears to hide in its corner, while also poking her head out of the doors and looking down the hallway, appearing as though she was attempting to avoid someone. She exits the elevator, continues to look around, though no one else appears in the video, as she reenters the elevator while making bizarre hand gestures.

After guests at the hotel complained about issues regarding the showers, Lam's body was discovered on the roof in the hotel's water supply. Lam's death was ultimately ruled as accidental, as there was no evidence in the autopsy of foul play.

Understandably, the whereabouts of her body, in addition to her being discovered without clothing, as well as the unsettling elevator footage, has ignited countless questions about the death. Her behavior in the elevator has led some to believe she was being pursued by someone, while others think she was having a manic episode as a result of her having bipolar disorder, as some even believe a supernatural event could be occurring. Hopefully the new investigation brings with it some answers.

Check out the new investigation when it hits discovery+ on January 4th.

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