Growing Pains Reunion: Cast Reunites for 35th Anniversary

Growing Pains is having a cast reunion in honor of the show’s 35th Anniversary. That’s right, the first episode of the program debuted on September 24, 1984. Seven seasons and 166 episodes later, the sitcom family had worked its way into America’s hearts. Now, the show might be more well known as a trivia question about Leonardo DiCaprio’s career. But, in its day, the show had a loyal fanbase. (And those viewers like me who became aware through Nick at Nite reruns during the late 90s and beyond.) Entertainment Tonight managed to catch up with Joanna Kerns, Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold, and Jeremy Miller to talk about how they’ve managed to stay in touch over all these years.

Sadly, Alan Thicke, the beloved actor who played Jason Seaver on the program, passed away in December of 2016. For the remaining cast, the memory of their friend was a popular topic during their talk with ET.

"We're just missing Alan. He always had us laughing, had me laughing," Kerns began. "He was one of the most charming men I'd ever met. I think I was a little old for him…But we became really good friends. I saw him a week before he passed."

"It's been years now and I still reach for the phone occasionally, just thinking, 'I haven't talked to Alan in a while and want to say hi,'" Miller chimed in. "He was a huge part of our lives."

Cameron told the Today show back in 2016 that Thicke still played a very parental role for him even after the series ended. "In an ever-changing world, my friendship with Alan was always a constant," he observed. "Meeting up with Alan, even after years had passed since we'd seen each other -- we'd just pick up the conversation where we'd left off."

Gold just had trouble really believing that 35 years had passed since the premiere. "It's unbelievable, unimaginable," she exclaimed. "And yet it feels like yesterday in so many ways."


For her, working with DiCaprio before his star skyrocket. But, back in those days, he was just a bright kid with a whole future in front of him. "I just thought he was so sweet and so cute," Gold remembered before adding, "was just so happy to be on set with us."

Do you remember Growing Pains? Do you have a favorite episode from back in the day? Let us know in the comments!