Guy Fieri Pitches a Delicious Law & Order Spinoff Show

Guy Fieri may end up going down as one of the best food personalities to use social media — at the very least, he'll end up making it on the Social Media Foodies Mount Rushmore. And it's all because of the amazing posts he and his team come up with around the clock. With Avengers: Endgame in theater, the chef has had a string of Marvel crossovers as of a late and now, he pitched his follows an intriguing new Law & Order spinoff, though it has yet to be seen if NBC will bite.

The Mayor of Flavortown is looking awfully dapper in the key art for his pitch, wouldn't you say? Better yet, the official Law & Order: SVU Twitter feed was quick to respond, telling Fieri to sound the alarms if he comes across any undesirable eating establishments.

As you can imagine, Fieri's tweet prompted all kinds of response from downright hilarious to bonkers and bizzaro.

"...are you telling me you're a cop now," @notsofiacoppola asked.

"Dare to dream of a future with nothing but the best flavor," another user responded.

His latest pop culture memes have included references to both Spider-Man: Far From Home and everyone's favorite Avenger Iron Man.

This May also saw Fieri get a much-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where actor Matthew McConaughey was on hand to honor the chef turned host.

"I’m surrounded by all the people that made this happen—I’ve got chefs, and mentors, and friends, and fraternity brothers," he said at the May 22 event. "You name it, they’re here. My dentist is here!" Fieri said at his ceremony.


"I couldn’t have dreamed this big," he continued said. "This is out of the stratosphere of dreaming."

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