Harley Quinn: SPOILER Goes Full Evil While an Ally Sacrifices Himself

A whole lot happened on the week's Harley Quinn, which followed the titular character as she was [...]

A whole lot happened on the week's Harley Quinn, which followed the titular character as she was forced to clean up some of her past messes. One such mess includes the parademons she set on Gotham a couple of episodes ago after her feelings for Ivy forced her to make some destructive decisions. After traveling to Apokolips and acquiring the parademons from Darkseid, Harley sets her new army on Gotham in an attempt to wage war on Jim Gordon. At the end of the episode, she changes her mind and stops the war, which leads to Doctor Psycho quitting the crew. However, the character returned this week with some sinister plans of his own.

Now that Harley is back in Gotham after her recent bachelorette excursion to Themyscira, she decides to hit the bar and find someone to hook up with, hoping to forget about Ivy. Unfortunately, things go awry when she bumps into "Normal" Joker (who we like to refer to as Zaddy Joker). Meanwhile, Doctor Psycho returns to the mall to gather his things and leave instructions with Sy Borgman on how to take care of Harley's live-in prisoner, the Riddler. However, Riddler later shows up at the bar where Harley is, and it's revealed he's working with Doctor Psycho, who has decided to steal Harley's previous plan and take over Gotham himself.

Psycho lures the rest of Harley's crew to their location and uses his powers to control Clayface and King Shark. Between the parademons, which are still roaming around Gotham, and Doctor Psycho's powers, things aren't looking good for Harley. That is until Sy, who is immune to Doctor Phsyco's powers due to the metal plate in his head, makes the choice to sacrifice himself in order to save Harley.

Between Doctor Psycho turning on the crew (which was inevitable considering he was the only member with zero redeeming qualities) and Sy's heroic death, there's no telling what the future holds for Harley's crew. This is especially true now that Harley has decided to make the tough decision to restore the Joker to his old self in order to bring back the Justice League, who she needs to save Gotham. As for Sy, it doesn't seem likely that he could come back after literally exploding, but considering Poison Ivy died and returned last season, you never know what the future of the series could hold.

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