Harley Quinn: Things Heat Up Between Harley and Poison Ivy During a Visit to Themyscira

Things have been heating up between Harley Quinn on Poison Ivy over the last few episodes of DC [...]

Things have been heating up between Harley Quinn on Poison Ivy over the last few episodes of DC Universe's Harley Quinn, and the latest episode, "Bachelorette," is no exception. Recently, Harley and Ivy shared their long-awaited first kiss and last week's episode saw the women dealing with the aftermath. They decided to chalk it up to a heat of the moment mistake, but it was clear Harley was only going along with what Ivy supposedly wanted. Harley nearly told Ivy she had feelings for her at the end of last week's episode, but after seeing Ivy happy with Kite Man, Harley decided to hold in her feelings and plan Ivy's bachelorette party. Today's new episode saw Harley and Ivy taking a girl's trip to Themyscira with Mrs. Freeze, Catwoman, and Ivy's childhood friend, Jennifer. Unsurprisingly, things took quite a steamy turn...

After a night of heavy drinking, Harley and Ivy wake up in bed together. Ivy is upset, making it clear that they cannot hook up again. Ivy locks herself in her room and demands to go home, but Harley convinces her to stay, promising that they'll forget the night before. Things start looking up for Ivy when Harley reveals they've gone to Themyscira for more than spa treatments and mimosas. Harley discovered Queen Hippolyta was being controlled by Eris, who planned to sell off the land to Lex Luthor in order to turn it into a full resort. Knowing her BFF would love to commit some murder in order to save the Amazon, Harley surprises Ivy one last gift. The women proceed to successfully take down Eris and save Themyscira, and the night ends in a huge party. The next day, Harley and Ivy wake up in bed together once again. Harley tells Ivy that she wants to be with her, and paints a picture of the awesome life they could have together. Sadly, after thinking about it, Ivy tells Harley, "I trust you with my life, but not my heart," and says she's still going to marry Kite Man.

It's no surprise that things continue to get messy between Harley and Ivy considering the series' showrunners recently talked about transforming the characters from best friends to lovers. "We tried to play the reality of how messy, uncomfortable, and awkward it would be to figure out that you're in love with your best friend. It's messy, it takes a while, and it's not smooth at all. And there are definitely a lot of two steps forward, one step back kind of thing going on," Justin Halpern explained.

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