HBO Max Renews Close Enough for Season 2

Close Enough is coming back for Season 2 on HBO Max. The news comes courtesy of a tweet from the [...]

Close Enough is coming back for Season 2 on HBO Max. The news comes courtesy of a tweet from the show's official account. It has to feel good to get that news after waiting so long for the series to premiere. Back when the show was announced, it was slated for TBS. But, then after Warner's business expanded, the HBO Max platform became a natural fit for the Regular Show follow-up. When the series hit the new streaming platform, a lot of fans got a kick out of the zany escalation comedy paired with the trials of being a young parent and trying to figure it out. For those in the audience rejoice, more is on the way. When Close Enough premiere, sat down with J.G. Quintel to talk about what's different this time around.

"Well, Regular Show was about kind of what I was like in college and what it was like being in college and having a job and hanging out with your buddies and just wanting to do fun stuff, slacking off," he explained. "But Regular Show went for a long time and towards the end of it, I had changed a lot. I got married and had kids and started to have a family and so Regular Show wasn't really like me anymore. It was kind of more of a character of what I was in the past. And I wanted to kind of start exploring stories of things that I was experiencing now."

Quintel added, "And so that's why Close Enough came about it was more to do with kind of real-life adult situations and problems like when you're getting into your thirties and what it's like to start having to be more responsible, especially when you have kids and you want to take care of them and everything. And I just couldn't do those types of stories with Regular Show, so this felt like a great chance to do those."

The creator also talked about the sort of pressure that comes after having a successful show like Regular Show. He tried not to let it bother him too much.

"Not necessarily pressure, I mean, there's always the pressure of like, I hope we do well enough that people enjoy this so that we can make more because just with the way that animation works, if people don't like it, they'll just cancel it. So even though Regular Show did well that's no guarantee that this will be good."

He added, "And when I made it, I really wanted to try to make something that would step outside of kind of the animation sphere, where it was going to have humans and it would be maybe more palatable even to people who don't ever watch cartoons. Maybe they think it's too young or whatever, but I wanted to make something that maybe even people who don't watch cartoons would check out."

"And so, I mean, there's a little bit of a risk to that to be like, "It's humans. Are people going to be into that?" So it's cool to watch to see some people finding it that didn't even know what Regular Show was and they're liking it. And it's like, "Oh, that's really cool that that worked." And I know it's still early, so I don't know exactly how it's going to go down, but really hope people like it. And I hope that people who liked Regular Show like it too," Quintel concluded.

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