House of the Dragon: How Many Episodes Will Be in Season 1?

HBO has another hit on its hands with House of the Dragon. The Game of Thrones prequel series has been doing nothing but breaking records and delivering spectacular viewership throughout its freshman season. The premiere episode was the most-watched series debut in HBO's history, and each of the seven episodes released so far have crushed it on both traditional ratings and HBO Max streaming. Unfortunately, the first season of the series is starting to near its end, and fans are wondering just how many more House of the Dragon episodes there will be.

Sunday's upcoming episode of House of the Dragon will be the eighth episode of the show's first season. HBO has already confirmed that there will be two more after that, bringing the total number of episodes in Season 1 to 10. The number of episodes in any TV season fluctuates greatly nowadays, but the Game of Thrones franchise has mostly stuck to 10 episodes per season. The first installment of House of the Dragon is no exception.

House of the Dragon has already been renewed for a second season, with HBO opting to announce the show's return just a few days after the series premiere. There has been no official word on how many episodes will be in Season 2, but the series will likely follow the same format and run for 10 weeks.

How Many Seasons Will House of the Dragon Last?

HBO has only renewed House of the Dragon for a second season at this point, but the series will likely last much longer than that. It's been one of the premium network's biggest hits, so it is continuously justifying its high production costs. 

The length of House of the Dragon will depend on how much of the Targaryen story the series wants to tell, and just how fast it plans to tell that story. The first season has moved at a rapid pace and will probably reach the war known as the Dance of the Dragons at the conclusion of Season 1. Unless things slow down significantly, that only leaves a couple more seasons with these characters, at most. If House of the Dragon continues to follow the Targaryen line throughout history, it can take the story all the way up to the start of Game of Thrones. HBO will be okay with House of the Dragon lasting as long as the creative team decides.


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