Jarod Nandin, "South Park Guy" Cosplayer" Dies Due to COVID-19

Jarod Nandin, who was known by fans as "The South Park Guy" cosplayer has died due to COVID-19. As reported by Wowhead, Nandin, who was known by the World of Warcraft community as NWBZPWNR, has passed away after contracting COVID-19. Nandin revealed his initial condition with friends and family on Twitter on December 18th, and after officially testing positive a few days later, he unfortunately passed. Nandin is known by many in the World of Warcraft community for faithfully recreating one of the most notorious jokes in South Park history.

Making big waves during BlizzCon 2013, Nandin cosplayed as the World of Warcraft gamer ("That Which Has No Life") that was getting far too strong for the game in the South Park Season 10 episode, "Make Love, Not Warcraft." Not only cheating in certain aspects and getting aggressive toward new players, South Park capped it off with the look at the real life version of the player -- who sat in a chair in front of his computer.

Nandin really struck a chord with both World of Warcraft and South Park fans alike as he arrived at BlizzCon 2013 in a cosplay completely reflecting this joke character. Nandin nailed the look so much, he quickly took off with fans and became the de-facto "South Park Guy" for many as he would go as far to shave the top of his head to complete the ridiculous look. Because while it might have been a way for South Park to poke fun, Nandin took it to the next level and reclaimed the look in a hilarious new way.

ComicBook.com offers our condolences to Jarod Nandin's family, friends, and loved ones at this time. Members of the World of Warcraft and cosplay community also shared their tributes: