John Mulaney Investigated By Secret Service Over SNL Joke

John Mulaney is known for an array of things from his stand-up and specials like John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch to voicing Spider-Ham in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse an Andrew Glouberman on Big Mouth. The comedian also has a history with Saturday Night Live, having been on the writing staff for four years before returning to host four times. Mulaney's most recent hosting gig with SNL was on Halloween, but he also hosted the show in February, and apparently, that monologue got him into a little bit of trouble. Mulaney was on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to promote Big Mouth's fourth season and explained how he got in trouble with the secret service.

"In February, I did a joke that was not about Donald Trump," Mulaney explained. "The joke was about how it was a leap year, which had been started by Julius Caesar to correct the calendar, and another thing that happened with Caesar is that he was stabbed to death by a bunch of senators because he went crazy, and I said that's an interesting thing that could happen."

Mulaney went on to explain that "patriotic magazines" that were "suddenly on Twitter" were calling the monologue an "outrage" and that's when the Secret Service got involved. "They investigated me. I guess they opened a file on me because of the joke." He added, "The person vetting me was very understanding that the joke had nothing to do with Donald Trump."

Mulaney also shared that "they were very nice in the interview" and said he doesn't think anyone considers him a risk. However, the story took an even funnier turn when he said the Secret Service asked if there was anything else they should know. Mulaney said "no," forgetting that he had leased a place in DC, right across from the Secret Service building, because his wife was working on a project at the Smithsonian. You can watch the full interview here or at the top of the page.

Both Big Mouth and SNL revealed some big casting announcements recently. Ayo Edebiri is set to replace Jenny Slate as Missy on the animated series. Slate was one of the many white voice actors from various animated shows who made the decision to exit their roles after finally realizing they shouldn't have been voicing people of color. As for Saturday Night Live, Maya Rudolph recently returned to play VP-elect Kamala Harris once again, but this time she's acting opposite Jim Carrey, who was cast as President-elect Joe Biden.


Big Mouth season 4 premieres on Netflix starting on December 4th.