Kevin Smith Is Pitching A New Project With His Daughter Harley Quinn

Writer/director Kevin Smith has worked with his daughter Harley Quinn Smith on multiple occasions, [...]

Writer/director Kevin Smith has worked with his daughter Harley Quinn Smith on multiple occasions, primarily appearances in his feature films like Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and even the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The pair are now working together on something else though and actually as collaborators with Smith confirming they're writing a script together for....something. Speaking on FatMan Beyond LIVE, Smith said: "I've been doing a lot of writing this week, I've been writing with the kid. The kid and I are writing a script and we finished it, we finished a script together. Which was pretty weird experience."

Smith went on to describe the collaboration process, lamenting how he previously was known for writing natural dialogue for 20-somethings, only to have his daughter tell him that his 20-somethings "all sound like 50-year-olds." He added, "I really had to like face facts that I don't write for young people anymore. My characters age up with me generally speaking...Thank god it's a multi-generational tale because then at least I can write the dialogue for the old people....It's been great man and we're kind of ahead of the game"

The writer wouldn't confirm what exactly they were writing for, but noted that like his time with Masters of the Universe and Mattel, it's a piece of intellectual property that was facilitating pitches about something they want to produce. Let the guessing game begin (it's not Garbage Pail Kids).

Smith said that their time spent pitching their script to the "big, big bosses" resulted in an interesting note.

|e pitched to them as well and they were like 'Okay, notes on your pitch, number one: remember when you were bickering with each other? It's adorable. Make sure you do that in real life,'" Smith recalled. "I was like, 'What? Fight? We always do.'"

He continued, "It's been exciting man and kind of fun like seeing it through her eyes, having done it a bunch suddenly it's like 'oh yeah this is kind of neat, but I have to keep like reminding her, she's like 'I don't feel worthy of this,' and I was like 'Why? You watch movies, You watch TV, are all those f-cking people worthy? No! There's a lot of stupid sh-t out there, why can't we make some stupid sh-t.' She's like 'You're right, let's make dumb things!' I was like 'Now you're a Smith!'"

(Cover Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)