Kevin Smith Reveals He's Playing Himself In Nickelodeon's Warped! Series

If you had ever thought that perhaps Kevin Smith, creator of the Clerks franchise plus Mallrats, Red State, Tusk, and Jay and Silent Bob, would almost certainly never be on Nickelodeon, then you'd bet wrong. The previously announced new Nickelodeon comedy series Warped!, a live-action buddy comedy set in a comic book store, will feature Smith in at least one episode playing himself. Smith confirmed the news speaking on the latest episode of his FatMan Beyond LIVE while largely unsure if he should be revealing the information at all. While talking about his time on the show Smith revealed he shot his episode last week and that he found it really funny, while wishing he'd thought of it himself.

"I got to play myself, I don't know if I'm allowed to say this yet," Smith said. "It is a show set in a comic book store. F-cking adorbs man and they asked me to come be in it and stuff. Again, I don't know if I'm spoiling sh-t but, I got to- Here let me leave it at this. I went to the set of Warped! and being a guy that owns a comic book store that f-cking set was accurate as f-ck, very on point. I was sitting there going like, I told the creators, 'I'm so mad, I should have created this show. Like why the f-ck didn't I think to set a show in a comic book store, I love this sh-t.' I always tell the good ideas by 'That should have been me!' 

When pointed out by his co-host Marc Bernardin that he did create a show like that, the AMC reality TV series Comic Book Men, Smith replied:

"That was reality, if only I'd written a script. It looks good, the episode I'm in is very funny. Again, I hope I didn't f-ck their plans. I got a big f-cking mouth....I had a good time, it was such a fun f-cking thing to do. I told them I live so close you could write me into every episode, they were like 'hahaha,' and I was like 'No I'm f-cking serious.' Now probably after this they're like 'You're never coming back you spoiling f-ck.'"

Co-created by Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert (All That, Good Burger), Warped! tells the story of Milo, the beloved head geek at popular comic book shop Warped!, who forms an unlikely alliance with his new quirky and excitable co-worker Ruby to create the world's greatest graphic novel. Kevin Kay (All That, Lip Sync Battle Shorties) serves as executive producer, 13 episodes were ordered for the series earlier this March.

Starring in the series is Kate Godfrey (All That) as Ruby, described as "an outgoing and impulsive pop culture nerd whose encyclopedic knowledge of comic books makes her irreplaceable as the newest hire at Warped!" with Anton Starkman (Storks) as Milo, "the intelligent and responsible leader of the comic book shop who is constantly using his creativity to keep him and Ruby out of trouble."

Warped! also stars Ariana Molkara (Septembers of Shiraz) as Darby, who "creates her own comic book character costumes in hopes of one day owning her own fashion line," and Christopher Martinez (Timmy Failure) as Hurley, "a pizza shop employee and aspiring chef who is always coming up with concoctions for his friends to taste."

The pilot for Warped! was directed by Jonathan Judge (All That, Punky Brewster, The Thundermans), a timeline for its release has not yet been confirmed.