Lil' Heroes NFTs Have Their Own Animated Series in the Works

Spanish artist Edgar Plans' Lil' Heroes is getting an NFT collection and an animated series from Exile Content Studios as part of a broad brand roll-out. Lil' Heroes, described by Plans' social media page as "a collection of 7,777 Lil' Heroes living in the Metaverse," resemble other monstrous "good guys" like Pokemon and How to Train Your Dragon characters, through the unique lens of Plans' style. The NFTs will reportedly roll out in January, followed by a "multi-phase roll-out" of a hoped-for children's entertainment franchise that will reach out into consumer products and publishing, as well as a "virtual metaverse experience."

Exile is looking to make this an English- as well as Spanish-speaking brand. Plans is a Madrid-born contemporary artist whose work has seen successs in museums and galleries, making a children's entertainment franchise almost feel like a break with his high art roots.

"This is our first foray into NFTs and we couldn't be more excited about partnering with Edgar and Curatible," Daniel Eilemberg, president of Content at Exile, told Deadline. "We think NFTs can be a powerful way of building engaged communities around art, fashion and entertainment franchises, while rewarding early fans with real value and ownership. Building this franchise not just for, but with the community is a new way to think about the relationship between a studio and its audience, and one we're excited to explore."

"I'm excited to be partnering with Exile and Curatible to bring this unique collection of NFTs to life," said Plans. "Lil' Heroes is a collection inspired by the work I've created throughout my time as an artist, and I can't wait to share that art with a new audience and explore how we can build on this franchise in the entertainment space."

Curatible is a team of art collectors who work with artists around the world to create NFT collections based on their work.

"We are creating a bridge between traditional art and the digital world. And are happy to collaborate with a contemporary artist like Edgar Plans to help him in the transition into NFTs." said Massine Benoukaci, CEO and co-Founder of Curatible. "It's a real pleasure to collaborate with Exile and mix our expertise to build a real community, franchise and project around Edgar."

Exile Content Studio recently co-produced Netflix and Diego Luna's Todo Va A Estar Bien and an HBO docuseries about Real Madrid´s women's soccer team. No specific date or platform is yet known for the planned Lil' Heroes animated series.