Loki: Marvel Studios Producer Updates Disney+ Series

While 2020 is set to be the first year in a decade without any Marvel Studios projects, the superhero franchise is currently hard at work on the launch of new Disney+ shows, and Loki was expected to help lead the charge as the first official series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision have since taken the lead and pandemic shutdowns affected all Marvel shows, filming on Loki is still on track for the series to premiere sometime in 2021, much like the other Marvel shows. The latest update comes from Marvel Studios producer Victoria Alonso.

During an interview with Clarín, Alonso provided an update on the status of various Marvel Studios projects. During that interview, she confirmed that production on Loki was a lot further along than many people suspected.

When asked about how much filming is left for Loki, Alonso explained that there are still four-to-five weeks of shooting left on the calendar. This comes after the show's production was delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the setbacks due to COVID-19.

Loki is on track to be the third Disney+ series set in the Marvel, following the January debut of WandaVision. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is also set to debut sometime in 2021, though it does not yet have an official release date.

Actor Tom Hiddleston will be joined by Owen Wilson, among others, for the first spinoff focusing on a Marvel villain. This show has apparently been in the works for some time, as Hiddleston previously teased during an interview with MTV News.


"I know this character now. I feel that the audience knows him. And playing him — and playing him truthfully, but presenting him with new challenges, which then I'd have to change him in different ways, is the most exciting aspect of it," said Hiddleston. "You've got his very specific gifts. His intelligence, treachery, his mischief, his magic, and then seeing him come up against more formidable opponents, the like of which he has never seen or known. I wish I could tell you what happens, but I can't."

Loki is currently on track to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2021.