ABC Boss Reveals Status of 'Lost' Reboot

With so many fan-favorite TV series and movies getting the reboot and revival treatments, chatter [...]

With so many fan-favorite TV series and movies getting the reboot and revival treatments, chatter has started to pick up regarding ABC's island-based survival/mystery show, Lost.

And while there are no plans for a reboot of the show moving forward at the time, ABC President Channing Dungey revealed to TVLine that it remains a possibility.

"We have not had any official discussions about that," said Dungey. "It's something that's on a list of, 'Wouldn't that be great if… ,' but at this point it's only at that place."

Though series executive producer Damon Lindelof is busy at HBO developing his take on Watchmen, fellow showrunner Carlton Cuse signed a four-year development deal for the network, helping them bring in new properties and concepts with his show running expertise.

Ever since Cuse's new contract was made public, Lost fans wondered if a revival was in the works with one of the original masterminds helping to shepherd a new direction.

"I haven't had that conversation with him yet," Dungey said, pouring some cold water on fans who might be excited for an inevitable announcement of a Lost revival or reboot.

The series recently made way from Netflix to Hulu, so you can still get caught up on the six-season saga that showed a group of plane crash survivors land smack-dab in the middle of a battle between good and evil on a mysterious island.

While fans might not be happy with this latest update, they should take solace in the fact that the network isn't trying to rush a reboot of one of its most popular franchises. Waiting for the right concept and pitch to come along is better than forcing the issue.

Seeing a fresh take on the mysterious island and the forces fighting for its great power would be beneficial to all viewers, and given today's climate of long-running series and the show bibles that go with them, it could serve to provide a more fitting end to the saga than what fans got from the original series.