Lovecraft Country: Jamie Chung Shares Bloody Behind-the-Scenes Photos

The latest episode of Lovecraft Country, "Meet Me in Daegu," saw the debut of Jamie Chung's character, Ji-Ah, a Kumiho spirit who absorbs the souls of men. In a flashback episode, we see the new character meeting Atticus (Jonathan Majors) during the Korean War, and the two fall in love. After an ominous vision, fans are eager to see more from Chung, who is clearly excited to be a part of the new HBO series. Based on a recent Instagram post, Chung "eternally grateful" for the experience and she even shared some fun (and bloody) behind-the-scenes photos from her first episode.

"It’s rare that these kind of roles pop up for Asian Americans. I’ve said this before and will say it again; I am eternally grateful that you entrusted me to fill this character’s shoes. I was pushed to the max and way out of my comfort zone but had ALL THE SUPPORT an actor could ask for and then some. (For a guest star role!) Thank you so much for this opportunity 🙏🏽 ❤️ You handpicked an amazing and uber-talented group of people to help bring this show to life. When a production team and crew of 300 bring attention to every detail, shit is 🔥," Chung wrote. You can view the photos in the post below:

Recently, Lovecraft Country's showrunner, Misha Green, revealed how she pitched the series to HBO.

"H.P. Lovecraft wrote some of the most celebrated pulp horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and weird stories of the last century," Green's notes read. "You've probably read something by him, or seen something influenced by him (anything by Guillermo del Toro). He even has an entire subsection of the genre named after him. Google 'Lovecraftian horror' and you'll be scrolling for days."


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Lovecraft Country airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and is available to stream on HBO Max.