Lovecraft Country Teases A Major Character Death Is Coming

'Meet Me in Daegu' was one of Lovecraft Country's best episodes yet. Following Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung) [...]

"Meet Me in Daegu" was one of Lovecraft Country's best episodes yet. Following Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung) in South Korea, the episode saw a romance unfold between her and Atticus (Jonathan Majors) before he returned to Chicago and started to fall for Leti (Jurnee Smollett). While fighting in the Korean War, Atticus met Ji-Ah during his stay at the hospital, and the two quickly fell in love. However, Ji-Ah had a dark secret, which ultimately leads to Atticus returning home. The end of the episode featured an ominous vision that could spell death for one of the show's main characters. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

We learn earlier in the episode that Ji-Ah is a Kumiho monster who abords the souls of men. She originally planned to kill Atticus, but changed her mind after falling for him. During their last sexual encounter, she loses control and her tentacles come out and take hold of Atticus. Not only does she absorb his memories but sees visions of his future. She gets glimpses of Leti and sees Atticus tied up, about to die. Ji-Ah tries to stop him from returning to America, but he's took freaked out by the monster and leaves.

The episode ends with Ji-Ah and her "mother" going to see the shaman that turned her into the monster and she asks for confirmation that Atticus will die. The shaman says that mortal concerns are meaningless, as Ji-Ah will see countless deaths in the future before she is "one with the darkness." This leaves the question of Atticus' fate up in the air and has us wondering if an apocalyptic event is in the show's future.

Earlier this month, HBO announced Lovecraft Country: Sanctum, a new series of virtual reality events aimed at transporting guests into a world inspired by the show. In a first-of-its-kind social VR event series, 100 influential voices will experience three events consisting of immersive theater, escape rooms, art installations, puzzles and a live concert, via the Oculus Quest headset, all inspired by Lovecraft Country. The events will be simultaneously run on the social VR platform VRChat, which allows guests to talk and interact with each other in real-time within the environment, and streamed to the world via YouTube Live and interacting in real-time.

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