Brandy In Talks to Make Moesha Reboot Happen

Netflix recently added to its already vast catalog this weekend with the additions of several shows, including the Brandy starring Moesha. Moesha was a hit in the 90s on UPN, and now it's being introduced to a whole new audience thanks to being in front of Netflix's sizable $192 million subscriber base. That's already got some fans wondering if a reboot or revival of the show could be in the cards, and you can include Brandy in that conversation. Brandy recently released her first album in 8 years (B7), and during an interview with the Rap-Up, she was asked about a potential Moesha reboot, which it turns out she would be completely up for. Not only that, but she seems to already be talking to people about making it happen.

"I’m completely open to it. I would love to experience that," Brandy said. "I just want for everyone to know that I’m open to it and I’m in discussions with the right people to make it happen."

Moesha ran from 1996 to 2001 and is right in that nostalgia sweet spot, so we definitely think there are many who would tune into a revival or reboot. Like other nostalgia-driven projects (like the upcoming Saved By The Bell series or the recent Fuller House), it will be important for the project to bring back as much of the original cast back as possible, especially since several storylines didn't really get an ending thanks to the show's abrupt cancellation.

Myles, Frank, Dee, Kimberly, Dorian, and more would be great to get back, though two of the show's beloved characters, Andell & Hakeem, would likely not return since actors Yvette Wilson and Lamont Bentley have sadly passed away.


We're definitely curious to see if this happens, but even if it doesn't, Brandy is quite busy with new music and a host of other projects. That said, many fans are also wanting to see her jump into a Verzuz with Monica. Verzuz is a series created by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, and Brandy is open to that too, saying “I’ve always been open to it, especially if it’s like a celebratory-type of vibe. I’m open to it. I think people would love that, just to celebrate the both of us.”

She also thinks Monica would be up for it. “I believe she’s down for it, but I think for her it’s also something that has to be a celebration as well," Brandy said.