Moon Knight Episode 2 Clip Reveals Ethan Hawke's Not-So-Villainous Plan

Ahead of the debut of Moon Knight episode 2 a brand new clip form the series has arrived online, pulling back the curtain on the evil scheme of Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow. Turns out? He's totally chill. Just wants to have a nice community in town where they share knowledge with each other and live a happy life. That's at least the picture that this clip paints, but considering his status as the show's antagonist and the fight that Marc Spector has already brought to him, there's almost certainly more than meets the eye at play here. Watch it for yourself below.

"I think he views himself as a real apostle of the Goddess Ammit, and that he's here to heal the world, and rid it of sinners, and it's gonna be a violent time, but the peace, and the beauty that will come when all these sinners are gone, it's gonna be worth it," Hawke said in an interview with about the series. "I think a lot of us feel that there's some part of, if you have any belief system that is strong enough, it gives you direction,. A lot of us are lost, and we don't have direction, and we long for a sense of purpose, and a belief system can really give that to you, and I think he's just doubled down on his goddess, and he doesn't think in nuance, he's absolutely uncompromising in how he thinks, 'cause his dedication to this goddess is so complete. So in a way he's very simple."

Hawke's villain role in the Disney+ series came as a big surprise for some, especially after he signed onto the part after making some controversial comments about superhero movies. Having an extensive career on his own and knowing plenty of people in Hollywood, he called one of his friends with some Marvel experience, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson, who worked with Hawke on Sinister and the upcoming The Black Phone.

"You know, Scott was one of the first people I called up when I was thinking about taking this job, about what was his experience like, and he was so complimentary," Hawke also told "And so, he basically credits Kevin Feige with being the only artist to ever run a studio, that he really thinks more the way artists do than the way your conventional studio executive does."  


Moon Knight Episode 1 is now streaming on Disney+, and new episodes will be released every Wednesday.