'Mr. Robot' Just Confirmed Major Fan Theory About Angela's Origin

Angela is Prices Daugther Mr. Robot

Warning - This Post Contains Major Spoilers!

The Mr. Robot season 3 finale just confirmed a long-standing fan theory, regarding why Phillip Price has always been obsessed with Angela Moss, and kept her under his wing.

As some fans have always surmised, Price is indeed Angela's father. It was Price who was the anonymous benefactor trying to pay for Angela's mom's cancer treatment. It does give proper context to weird moments throughout the series, like when Price invited Angela to celebrate his birthday at his home, after she started working for him at E-Corp.

Mr. Robot tends to get called out early for some of its mysteries and twists. It doesn't lessen the enjoyment of the journey, which is the actual point of why so many fans enjoy the show.


Now that Price and Angela are finally on the same page, that page has turned toward getting back at White Rose and the Dark Army. Season 4 will definitely give us a different version of Angela than we've seen before.

Mr. Robot will return for season 4 in 2018.