National Treasure: Edge of History Trailer Reveals Connection to the Nic Cage Movies

The story of National Treasure is going to continue on Disney+ later this year, with the arrival of original TV series National Treasure: Edge of History. The series follows a mostly new group of characters and a totally different treasure hunt, but it still has deep ties to the popular Nicolas Cage National Treasure films. The first trailer for the series was released during D23 this weekend, and it revealed exactly how the series and movies connect.

National Treasure: Edge of History follows the story of a young woman named Jess, played by Lisette Olivera, who learns that there is more to her family than she ever knew. The trailer doesn't exactly reveal how her family is tied to this new treasure, but it does show how she learns about it, and that is where the connection to the National Treasure films can be found.

The trailer begins with Harvey Keitel's Sadusky teaching Jess about her family's history, telling her that she doesn't know the truth about where she comes from. If you recall, Sadusky was a pivotal character in the National Treasure films. In the first movie, he was a federal agent trying to track down and arrest Cage's Benjamin Franklin Gates. Now, he is more interested in helping the main character than hunting them.

Sadusky's role has grown into something of a mentor, and he knows a lot about the treasures that Ben Gates discovered. Of course, he's a Mason himself, as Ben learns at the end of National Treasure. Sadusky will likely be acting as a guide to Jess and her friends as they try to find her family's treasure. He could be a major factor in how the story unfolds.

Justin Bartha's Riley is also a part of National Treasure: Edge of History, reprising his role from the two movies. Riley appears in the final scene of the trailer saying that he wants to help Jess in her journey. It's unclear, however, exactly how he will tie into the story.

National Treasure: Edge of History is set to debut on Disney+ on December 14th.